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OOTD: Forever 21 shorts, D&G shirt and PinK booties

Hy guys! I hope you are having a great week. I'm like super busy, so I'm just going to leave you with the photos I did for today's outfit. I feel 1% of Spring in the air! Now I have to pray to not snow again. I just love these shorts from Forever 21 that I have from last summer.

What I wore: - D&G shirt - Forever 21 shorts - Sacha booties - Mango purse - Bershka tattoo tights

The D&G shirt I've bought it from an outlet here in Belgium during the sales.. It's 100% silk and I can tell you that I did a great deal ! I love outlets. You always find such unique pieces. So, I hope you enjoyed my little post.  Thank you so much for visiting my blog and don't forget to check out great deals on my page ^^. Kisses, R.

How about layering ?

Hello, my dears!  I've been super busy these days and I barely got time for myself.  I did, though, took a couple of minutes off to shoot some pics and do a quick video of my outfit cause I don't know if I'll have time this week to do it. I'm so sick of this weather as well ! It feels like Spring is so far away :( One minute I saw some sun, so I thought to go quick outside and take some photos and the next it was raining !! I did the pics anyway :) Sorry about the grumpy face though. I was not happy !
This is the video:

What I wore: - Morgan de Toi boots - Cool Cat leggings - Zara sweater - New Look vest
And now I must get back to work my sweeties ! Hope I have some few moments off so I can check your blogs ^^. Don't forget to check out great deals on my page as well :) Kisses, R.

Safari. Camouflage. Trends 2013.

Hello my dears! I bet you've enjoyed the live défile by Cavalli. It was fantastic! I loved all the looks, especially the purple dress stoled my eyes! Here is a little shoot from during the show. Follow me on Instagram for more fashionable pics! ( @ruxandraioana )
 ( Roberto Cavalli Fashion Show Fall Winter 2013/2014)

I just love Fashion Week.. Hope someday I'll get an invite ^^. So, returning to today's look... If you haven't noticed, the stores are almost 100% full of fresh new garments for 2013. Here, we still have a little sales going around Zara, Mango, as well as other stores, so that gives me the chance to coordinate clothes still on sale with spring trends.  The safari trend is one of my favorite trends for 2013 Spring. As seen on Kenzo, Emporio Armani and Max Mara, those shades of kaki and sand beige are just so great !
( source Vogue )
Of course, I couldn't reproduce exactly those looks without adding some personal touches. :)

What I wore: - Bershka boots -

Matrix, Neon and Versace. Curious?

Hy, guys! Lately I think I posted like on a daily basis and to tell you the truth it really went in my blood.. like it's weird if I don't do photos every single day. :) So, I thought I'd change a little the routine and do another "night outfit post". I have this jacket for a long time now. It's from a thrift shop ( yes, I admit. I go thrift shopping; there's no shame in that! you can find some great stuff there). My outfit just screams "Matrix", right? But this time is with Neon. Sorry, Neo :D.

What I wore: - Versace heels - Pimkie clutch (similar here and here) - Thrift store faux leather jacket ( loving this one)

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First attempt of Spring

Hello sweeties !  As you can tell by the title, today we had almost a day of Spring... it was more sunny with singing birds than an actually 100% spring day, but you have to be thankful even for that, knowing that Brussels weather isn't the most sunny in Europe.  Anyway, I've put together a last minute outfit and went out to enjoy the beautiful sun. I am still in "rehab" from buying new things and I can tell you it's a bit hard :). Probably I will go tomorrow for a little spin in the stores if I have the time... I prefer to dedicate this year on traveling! :)

What I wore: - Mango maxi skirt ( similar here, but loving this one) - Zara jacket ( loving this one from Tony Burch) - Forever 21 hat ( in burgundy here ) - Urban Outfitters bag ( dreaming of this one from Chanel) - Zara knit sweater 

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OOTD: Gangsta style with my Guess jeans and Karen Millen booties

Hy, guys! I was listening to Gwen Stefani today, the good old days when she used to sang with Eve. That gangsta style you I thought I'd put together an outfit with that groove! :) As you know, I'm running for Style Icon of the month onChictopia, and it would mean the world for me if you can help me achieve this title, by following me there :).

What I wore - Karen Millen booties - Guess jeans - Guess bag - W.E. jacket - Zara top - NY - Footlocker- cap

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Monday with a Geometrical Cut

Hello sweeties!  As promised, today I'm sharing with you the video outfit of the week ( well, the week from before, but still I hope you like it ). My choice of garments was simple, as the geometric trend is so in this Spring (more in pattern actually), I chose items of clothing with clean geometrical cuts and mainly in white, being the IT color of this season. I just added a fade color to the outfit with my lovely Zara shoes which I've purchased during the sales :). I decided to "be nice" and wear all my clothes before purchasing others.  

What I wore:
-Zara heels and purse - Mango jeans - Bershka jacket - Forever 21 sunglasses and necklace

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