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Black swan. 2015

Hello, darlings!
I have arrived safe and sound from Thailand yesterday morning ( thank God). The trip was extraordinary and I know that I did a short post some days ago, but I'll be sure to write everything in detail soon within an article. :)
It was so nice and sunny outside today that I couldn't help myself from going for a walk in the city that I've missed so much these 2 weeks. No matter where I go, Brussels keep drawing me back and it's so strange cause it's not my home town or even m country, but I guess this is the only place that it really felt like home for me...
It's pretty cold here, but not very exaggerated, so I put on this wonderful skirt from She Inside that reminded me of the movie Black Swan, so I thought I'd do a "theme outfit", as I like to call it...( btw the skirt I see is on sale now, so you better check it out! ^^)

What I wore:
- H&M sweater
- SheInside skirt (find it here)
- Karen Millen boots
- New Look clutch
- Romwe feather c…

Live from Thailand

Hi, guys! It's about 05:31am here in Thailand and seeing that there's nothing to do at this early hour, I thought I'd post some updates on my trip so far.  I'm now in Chiang Mai and will be parting for Phuket later on today... So far, so good. The weather is ok, the people are so nice and the landscapes and activities simply amazing! So, here are a couple of pics took with my iPhone cause my camera is super heavy to carry around and very uncomfortable. Be sure to follow me on Instagram so you won't miss a thing :). Enjoy!

~ Bangkok seen from my room at the 42st floor of Baiyoke Sky Hotel ~

~ Reclining Buddha in Wat Pho temple, Bangkok ~


~Bangkok at night ~ 

~ Furama Hotel in Chiang Mai

~ White Temple, Chiang Mai

~ Laos ( and crazy ass whisky made from crawleras ichhh )

~ Tiger Kindom, Chiang Mai

Last one for the road.

Hi, guys! I know that lately I've been a bit absent. Actually, I think that as a retrospective of this year, I have come to the conclusion that I've been more absent than any year maybe... I think that must be because I have been busier with my work and extra projects and I've kinda abandoned my blog at times... I hope that next year I'll be able to fill your updates with new exciting post and ootds. As for this one, well, I think it will be the last for this year. You've been an excellent audience and thank you so much for supporting me all this way. If you would like to know what I'm doing, well, I have my Instagram account that I'll be using this vacation. :) On the other hand, here you have today's outfit, something for the holidays that really screams Christmas and although we don't have any snow here in Brussels, I guess my dress from Wholesale7 will have to cover the free spot. Let's get into that holiday spirit :) !

What I wore: - Wholes…

Algo me gusta de ti

Hi, guys! Uf, I just can't stand people going on strike. The thing that they don't realize is that they don't bother politicians, they bother other normal people like me and you; politicians don't give a damn, they are all comfy in their big mansions, safe from hell traffic in the city or canceled planes. I agree with manifestations, but not just cancel everything. They don't realize that strike costs money, money coming from the budget which is also paid by normal working people, so they are doing harm to themselves and not to the people in charge! So, there goes Belgium down the drain...It's a pity really that people just don't think it through... Anyway, going on a more fashionable aspect of the day, here you have an outfit I wore today. It's something different, I must be the whole commotion that makes me so emotional and stressed out! I managed to keep a ludic influence to the outfit with the help of this cute net with bow on top beanie …

All I want for Christmas is....

A dress! :)

Hello, sweeties! With just 2 and a half weeks to go until Christmas, I'm browsing the Internet to find some wonderful dresses suggestions to celebrate this merry holiday. A particular site has come to my attention, namely ! Now, it's not just your ordinary prom dress boutique, but the dresses here can be also worn at many more other occasions. Take theevening dresses section, where you can find so many beautiful options of what to wear at a Christmas company dinner ( or even New Year's Eve for that matter) Of this section, here's a little selection I personally prefer for such an event

I really love a dress that has more utilities, for instance, at, you can find a dress that works not just for prom, but for a cocktail as well. Hence, the prom/cocktail section of the boutique. Prom is a very important event for every girl, but choosing a dress that you can wore at other events is like a smart investment for the future, from wh…

I'm not here for your entertainment

Hi, guys! Ever since I've laid eyes on this flipped beading studded collar dress with tulle extension from Wholesale7, I thought to myself " this has to go punk". I don't know, I really couldn't exploit the feminine side of the dress, so I went for something rough, daring and rockish somehow. If you ever want to purchase this garment, I advise you to go one size plus than your regular one cause it tends to be very short :) Of course, what other song can define this awesome outfit than this tune: 

What I wore: - Wholesale7 dress ( find it here) - Romwe jacket - Zara clutch - Bershka booties

So, how do you like this punk look? Would you wear it? Kisses, R.


Hello, sweeties! Given the fact that crazy furs are so in this season, I thought to myself why not try this trend? I already did had this fabulous faux fur from Wholesale7 in a red ombre color scheme, so yeah, why not try this "bizarre" trend. See I was a bit worried that the whole outfit wouldn't go together ( you know me, I always try to mix and match, so "simple life" hahaha), so I aded another faux fur in the mix, as you will see in the last picture. My question being "would you wear it with or without the brown fur?" :) Can't wait to read your comments <3

What I wore: - Wholesale7 faux fur coat ( find it here) - Bershka skirt -Forever 21 bag - Bershka boots
So, with or without the brown fur? I feel like it balances the outfit, no? Kisses, R.